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The birth of Awsa Drun and Little Sibling.

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The family is attacked by flying predators.

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Episode 1, Origins
The story of how an orphan saves the Hoidan Zeday people from the giant flying predators that prey upon them.

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Happy New Year, Nice Humans!

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Trailer for Help Wanted, Human: No Experience Necessary –the hilarious autobiography of an alien interpreter

We got book trailer now and we got book tomorrow! Friend, Stephen interpreter got book is come out of something. We don’t know what. So we talk to friend, Stephen. We talk ay before times. We talk first time for Pfugler Blog.

Myada Mar: This is folklore blog. You got folklore?

Stephen: Me personally? No but humans do. Folklore, fairy tales, stuff like that.

Myada Mar: You got, doh’ got story you like, hyegh?

Stephen: Well, I guess I was always kinda partial to The Three Billy Goats Gruff

Myada Mar: What is Billy Goats Gruff, hyegh?

Stephen: Goats are animals. Kinda like short hairy cows. They look kinda like…well, uh. They got really long horns too.

Myada Mar: They purple, hyegh?

Stephen: Oh no! Never!

Myada Mar: What do Billy Goats Gruff in story, hyegh.

Stephen: Oh well, they trick this troll. That’s a monster that wants to eat the billy goats, so they lie to him and …You know now that I think about it, that’s not my favorite story really. I’m kinda partial to “The Engine That Could.” Lemme tell you about that one.

Myada Mar: Maybe next time.

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Christmas greetings from the aliens who bring you The Legend ; of Killer Killer

What happen? Why we don’t finish story? We got new idea. My people don’t read human write language. Is hard. Webhuman say we can make video blog, talk tell story. I say is good, we do talk video blog, tell story.

Webhuman liked it, but she say. It need pictures. Is good. We make pictures. Webhuman say, it need animation. I don’t know, we do that, we got a movie! We like movies!

Webhuman say, we make a web series. I ask, what is that? Is short video series like television on internet. Okay, we do. We got web series. It is coming soon!

We make what is trailer for tell people we got it. You watch, you see and hear! Make comment say if you like it! Is good!


Part I

I learn more Human folklore and mythology. You got what is hero legends. We got they so well. They legend on how people be strong over bad happening. Maybe is not true happen. I tell you very oldest hero legend Hoidan Zeday got. Is story about Narghay Narghay (transl: Killer Killer). Maybe is no person Killer Killer, but is somebody be first person do action ay did. This origin story so well. Is how Hoidan Zeday be as we is. Maybe Humans learn story, they gooder understand Hoidan Zeday and how we think and do First is I tell you of Hoidan Zeday and Narghay. Then you understand story.

Before Hoidan Zeday be people, we evolve from small animal. Humans do this so well, was monkey people. We be small animal live in cold mountains. We live together as big families, the same as we do now. We climb in mountains, eat plant like fur on rocks (transl: moss?). We eat fruit and nuts and barks. We don’t eat lots because we little.

I think must be we taste good. Narghay like eat us. Narghay fly down, grab little animals and eat they. Narghay is not bird like you got. They don’t got feathers. They got fur like people, keep they warm. They fly fast and quiet, grab and kill and eat. So is, we change. We get bigger. Narghay get bigger. We get fast, they get fast. We learn hide in holes in mountains and sleep in bunches. We don’t got food in mountain holes too much. We got go outside get food. We got go be with mate families so we get pregnant. Then they eat us.

Many lives go, and people get bigger, people walk on two legs. They carry food in arms to holes in mountains. They can stay in holes and be safe. When they eat all the food, they go get more food, Narghay eat they. People get smarter. They learn throw rocks and sticks. Narghay get smarter. They learn fly over family of people. People get scare. They make a bunch. Adult ones protect baby ones. Adult ones stand tall around baby ones. They throw rocks, hold long sticks. They make threat calls. Hooo Hoooo! They scare Narghay.

Narghay fly over families and make scary threat calls at people. Baby ones get scared and cry to they parent. Mnyeh! Mnyeh! Narghay hear they scare calls, they fly at the babies. Babies get so scare the run. Narghay don’t want little babies. They wait big parents. Parent run after baby, get it back with family. Narghay fly down kill parent. Dig in big claws and teeth. Sad babies see they parent get eat. Some is smart and run back to family. Some so scare they stay and Narghay eat they so well. Then all family is sad and scare. Everybody cry and hide in holes, scared and hungry. So many lives from then, we still feel the sad for it.

And this is how we’s ancestors live. Always scared and hungry. That is as it is, until the time come Killer Killer and we learn to be true people.

To be continued…

I want new story for webpage. I ask Chricktou Ambassador Ibrick say story. She say I silly guy. Go away. I say, I not silly guy. I story scientist. She say is no story science. I pretend it and I is stupid. I not stupid I go away, she don’t bite me or do other bad thing. Webhuman say, don’t listen what she say, don’t believe what she say. Humans got story science so well. I say, hya, and Ibrick think Humans is stupid so well. Webhuman say, don’t let Ibrick’s opinion make me feel bad. I say, Webhuman, not worry. Hoidan Zeday no never feel bad, people say we is bad. We know we good guys. I not stop try get Chricktou story.

I ask young male. All young Chricktou is male. What I do is ask youngest of males, is Crrr Hee. He do protocol, get along. Ha ha. I say, Crrr Heee. We write for humans stories of all people for they learn us, don’t be afraid. All peoples give me stories. I got no Chricktou stories. Humans think Chricktou no got stories. He think long time. He say, we don’t got stories. Stories silly. I say, no stories for Chricktou on story page, only all other peoples got. He think much long time. He say, we got stories. We got for teach children. He ask, you want silly story for children? Human no think we silly? I say, no. Human want see story you say for teach children. Is very education for science. He want do education for science. He don’t want be only people don’t say story. Ha ha. That how I get story.

Crrr Hee dictate story with translator device make English. This is kind story is warning story for children teach danger.

Don’t Suck Mud

A very long time ago, the Chricktou people developed scientific ways of living and building. We build our habitats of (untranslatable building materials similar to concrete and structural steel), and have scientific ways of growing food. Before then, we built our houses of mud and stones near streams and hunted in the water for animals to eat. Young boys were put in the water and learned to swim and hunt. Older males taught them and watched them. We still like to swim and lay in cool mud, but we don’t do it in dirty streams and we don’t hunt wild food. That is not healthy or productive.

A long time ago, there was a young boy named Seeee Urkkkk, who was very bad and very stupid. His older brothers tried to teach him to be wise and industrious, but he would not learn. All he wanted to do was play in the mud and swim. They taught him how to swim and catch fish-like animals and shell animals to eat. You must grab them with your hands and put them in a net. You must bring them to us so we can see if they are healthy to eat. Do not suck them up in your mouth and eat them. Do not suck up little fish that hide in the mud and eat them. If you are so hunger greedy, you suck up little mud fish, you will suck up bad creatures that will hurt you! They warned him of this many times and said the warning in serious high-pitched tones.

Seee Urkkkk was bad and stupid and lazy. He did not listen to the older boys. He would try to hunt fish and put them in a net. When he got hunger greedy and he saw little animals crawling in the mud under the water, he kicked up the mud and sucked up the little creatures like wild animal ancestors do. His older brothers warned him, but he had no self-control and sucked up mud.

So as it always is, when you behave stupid, bad consequences happen. He sucked up mud and delicious fish, but he also sucked up the little bad creatures. They grabbed the flesh in his mouth and they ate and ate. He screeched calls for help, but it was too late. They ate his face away and he died.

The End

I think maybe I don’t ask Chricktou for stories again.